how to get the new short-stay visa for teleworkers

A New Short-Stay Visa for Teleworkers

The Government of Panama has issued, through Executive Decree No. 198 of May 7, 2021, a new Short Stay Visa for Remote Workers.

Any foreigner who meets the following conditions can apply to this visa:

  1. That he has an operating contract with a foreign transnational company or is an independent worker. The work must be done in a telework mode.
  2. To carry out functions that have their effects abroad.
  3. That he receives income from a foreign source and with an annual amount not less than Thirty-Six Thousand Dollars with 00/100 (US $ 36,000.00) or its equivalent in foreign currency.

This visa is particularly interesting for those individuals who are better known as digital nomads. Some of the advantages are:

  1. Those foreigners who are granted this visa will not require to obtain a work permit.
  2. Your income, being from a foreign source, will not be taxable by the Republic of Panama.
  3. The visa is granted for a term of nine (9) months, which translates into a stay of more than one hundred and eighty-three (183) days, enough time to apply for a tax residence certificate. 
    The visa can be extended only once, for an additional term of nine (9) months.

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