Welcome to ILITIA

2020 has pushed us to innovate and reconfirm our commitment to Panamanian entrepreneurs. And with this, ILITIA was born. 


In Greek mythology, ILITIA, was known as the Goddess of births. ILITIA by CLD Legal, was born to accompany the entrepreneur from the moment of conception of his idea and in all stages of his growth and positioning in the market.

ILITIA is our special service for you, an entrepreneur, who is starting a business idea, or perhaps you have already started it, but who need support to Formalize. At CLD Legal, we firmly believe that to undertake, the entrepreneur needs quality tools that boost their business. For this reason, ILITIA, more than offering services, is the tool that we have built in the community, to grow your business. 


ILITIA is made up of three fundamental sectors for your business: Accounting, Legal and Digital Marketing, which you can access according to your needs, through plans that we have created especially for you, being your #OneStopParaEmprender.

However, we consider that to start a business more than the services that these areas can offer, it is necessary to have training and a community to exchange experiences and, also, find potential business opportunities. Thus, ILITIA is also made up of learning activities in our #ILITIATalks and networking activities in #ILITIANetworkings.


The companies that make up ILITIA were born from the dream of entrepreneurship that is our passion, just as you, an entrepreneur, are doing. We know firsthand your struggles and your needs and therefore our commitment to create a tool with experts in each subject, but who in turn speak the same language. 

As entrepreneurs, we have fought and learned, that is why we are open to listening and advising you to be your best ally to undertake. 


It does not matter if you have already started to undertake, or if you are just thinking about doing it, but are not sure, or if you have already done it and are growing your business. Every entrepreneur can be part of ILITIA! 

Come to us and tell us about your business and your needs, our experts are at your disposal. Connect with us and participate in our events and activities, ILITIA is a space created for you

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