CLD Legal Spain

We see the world as a global market, in which we must accompany our clients, with efficiency and resolution, while they interact in it.

Specialized practice Areas

Although CLD Legal offers a wide range of legal services in civil, commercial, criminal, labor and litigation matters, at our Spain offices we specialize in certain specialized services.

Restructure and Tax Law

Corporate restructuring operations and legal-financial and tax engineering, the purpose of which is to optimize our clients' resources and protect their assets.


Consulting of investment operations in high risk funds.

Patents and trademarks

We have a network of partners that allows us to register your trademark or patent in practically all Latin American and some European countries.

Immigration Law

Consultancy on immigration, residence and nationality, whether the destination is Spain or Latin America.


Family Law

Family crisis with an international component (Divorce and Separation) and status quo of minors (Food, guardianship and custody or abduction).

Labor Law

Labor recruitment and legal defense of expatriates with an employment contract in Spain (foreigners in Spain), or where appropriate in Latin America (Europeans in Latin America).

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Our team in Spain

Founding Partner - CLD Legal España

Julián F. Martínez González

Julián F. Martínez has an extensive professional career,

fundamentally linked to the areas of Civil, Commercial and Criminal Law. In recent years, his performance has been especially focused on consulting related to corporate and legal-financial activity.

His preparation, knowledge, professional vocation, experience and sense of loyalty make him not only a guarantee lawyer, but also a fervent defender of the interests of his clients.

Our Philosophy

We are supported by two fundamental pillars, in the solid legal preparation of its lawyers and consultants in matters that are within its competence, and their vast experience in the exercise of their international competitions.

Why Us?

Unlike other Spanish and European firms specializing in international commercial traffic, with similar proposals, our mission is to provide the client with individualized and high-end professional solutions to their legal needs. Which is difficult to find in the usual legal practice of our environment.

Our Offices

Spain Offices

Calle del Dr. Fleming, Number 31, 4º

Madrid, Spain

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