Panama offers different residence options for entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, and pensioners.

How can we help?

In CLD Legal we have experts who have more than 20 years of experience in immigration matters. We assist you in your immigration process, guiding you about the options available to you, according to your purpose in the country and your budget; and accompanying you in all the steps of your residency for naturalization application in Panama. Some of the most requested is the following:

  • Friendly Countries Visa
  • A residence as a retiree or pensioner
  • A residence as a Foreign Professional
  • Permanent residence for Italian citizens
  • Visa for SEM Business workers
  • Work visa within 10%
  • Domestic workers
  • Reasons for family reunification
  • For economic solvency
  • Among other visas of temporary, permanent residence or by special policies.

Why Panama?

Panama is one of the favorite destinations for foreign investment in Latin America thanks to various factors that place it as a strategic country for trade, with ample opportunities and a favorable climate for doing business.

Taking advantage of its privileged geographical position and its advanced infrastructure, Panama is the meeting point of world trade through the Expanded Canal, Tocumen International Airport, and the Colon Free Zone, the most essential free zone in the Americas.

In addition to its growing banking system with the US dollar as its official currency, Panama offers many facilities for new business initiatives. Also, Panamanian laws encourage the establishment of private investment companies with strong tax, financial, labor, and immigration advantages compared to other countries in the region.

On the other hand, Panama is ideal for those looking for a second residence or to retire. One of the most exciting incentives for the retired are discounts on all kinds of products and services, namely, If the foreign national is 60 (men) or 55 (women), he or she can benefit from the discounts that they are legally entitled to by Law 14 of 2003, to with:

  • 50% discount on movie theaters, recreation, cultural and sports events

  • 30% discounts on transportation (buses, trains, boats, and ships)

  • 25% discount on plane tickets, either for domestic or international airlines

  • 50% discounts on hotels, motels, and pensions from Monday to Thursday and 30% from Friday to Sunday

  • 25% discount in restaurants

  • 15% discount in fast-food restaurants, either national or international franchises

  • 15% discount in private medical clinics and hospital services

  • 10% discount on prescribed medicines

  • Discounts on medical services, as follows: 20% discount on medical bills; from general medical doctors or specialists; 15% discount for dental services; 15% discount on optometry services

  • Discounts on premiums payable to insurance companies for health insurance

  • 20% discount in technical and professional services

  • 20% discount on the prosthesis and of all the apparatus and aid accessories

  • 50% discount on expenses and closing bank fees for closing personal or commercial loans

  • Exemption of payment of the Special Interest Compensation Fund

  • 15% discount on interests payable to banks or other financial institutions for personal or commercial loans

  • 25% discount on utility bills

  • 1% discount on interest rates on mortgage loans