Message from our Founding Partner

Despite being an electoral year, which is usually very difficult for any company, at CLD we are very proud of the goals achieved during 2019.

With great pride, at CLD we believe in supporting our entrepreneurs, that is why during 2019 we carried out training sessions, mainly on issues related to trademarks and the protection of enterprises and I am proud to inform you that in 2020 we will continue to do so, including through the use of technology; Follow us on our social networks so that you are informed. On the other hand, efforts were also carried out in order to attract investment to our country, some of them in the form of sponsorship of events and others in the participation of local and international conferences and the always well-considered visits to our clients.

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For the year 2020, we contemplate the consolidation of new local strategic alliances achieved in 2019, which will surely allow us to establish ourselves as a leading firm in supporting entrepreneurship in our country and, on the other hand, the development and strengthening of alliances at the that will allow us to serve our clients and attract investments, both in our country, as well as in the Central American region and Europe. We will continue 2020 with our training programs for our employees since the development of talents is also a critical factor for the success of our business. Finally, we will remain determined in the achievement of all our goals for this year 2020 and we wish you all, good luck and success during it.

Ricardo Cambra, Founding Partner at CLD Legal

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