Protección Patrimonial del Contratista en Guatemala

Definitivamente el sistema de adquisiciones en Guatemala debe actualizarse y simplificarse, depurando trámites innecesarios, propiciando la celeridad de los procesos, la permisibilidad de la subsanación de requisitos fundamentales y no fundamentales, el fortalecimiento de la igualdad y principalmente velando porque los procesos de contratación sean competitivos en pro de adquirir bienes y servicios de calidad a precios razonables.

Ecommerce logistics hub

The Republic of Panama – The E-commerce Logistics Hub to Latin America and the Caribbean: Investment Opportunities

The current regulatory audit by Panama Customs on CEP services providers not only will increase tax revenues, promote fair competition, and secure national borders, but it also will pay dividends in terms of e-commerce logistics readiness. Regulatory compliance of CEP companies as customs auxiliaries promotes the free flow of goods across national borders and is a critical component of the e-commerce value chain which promises to provide the framework for the economic recovery from COVID-19.

New Tax Amnesty in Panama

For companies, limited liability companies, private interest foundations and other legal structures that must pay the annual franchise tax, they can also take advantage of this new tax amnesty in order to pay their surcharges and fines, which are due up to February 29, 2020, with an 85% discount on them.

Why do you need Estate Planning?

In essence, an estate is anything of value that you own, such as jewelry, artwork, cars, the house where you live, the investment property you bought on the beach, the country house, bank accounts, securities, insurance policies, in short, an estate is anything that has a value and is susceptible to being transferred to your heirs or third parties, whether they are legal entities or physical persons.