Corporate and Offshore Services

Through our subsidiary, CLD Corporate Services Ltd. (CLDCORP) we provide a series of corporate, offshore and outsourcing services that we are sure will be of great help to your business, such as:

Incorporation of Companies

CLDCORP can gladly handle the incorporation of companies in Panama and other jurisdictions in America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, such as:

Virtual Office

Today, banks and other financial institutions have become more demanding in terms of asking customers to have their companies have substance. This means that banks are moving away entirely from shell companies.

By substance, banks want to determine if the company has an address from where it operates and perhaps a utility bill, but also accounting. Clients must be aware that the world has changed; transparency is the norm, and with it comes responsible tax and estate planning. Also, a bank account is a coveted asset these days; therefore, complying with taxes and having declared assets is more valuable. Banks are risk-averse; therefore, if you are not a risk, the business will be more interesting for the bank.

Accounting and Auditing

All Panamanian companies that operate outside Panama (offshore) must maintain monthly accounting, either in Panama or abroad, as required by Law 52 of 2016. On the other hand, companies that have a physical presence in Panama and obtain a business license, need to maintain monthly accounting, this is a mandatory requirement based on the regulations established on the Commercial Code. It is important to note that CLDCORP is fully qualified to carry out these services not only for Panamanian companies but for companies incorporated anywhere in the world.

Opening of Bank Accounts

With CLDCORP we help you with the process of opening a bank account for your business, either in Panama or abroad, where we maintain good relations with very good banks. On the other hand, we analyze your profile and your business profile to recommend the best banking solution.

Provision of Directors and Nominal Shareholders

In many cases, for reasons of maintaining privacy in their businesses, clients engage in hiring the services of nominee directors shareholders. In other instances, solely for compliance with economic substance requirements or to make the signing of documents more flexible or more comfortable, especially if the client travels continuously. In any case, CLDCORP has the possibility of offering this service through physical or legal persons.

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