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Intellectual Property

Protect your Intangible assets with CLD Legal


The Republic of Panama, via its Directorate of Industrial Property under the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, facilitates the process of trademark registration and other vital intangible assets, such as industrial property rights, including patents.

Businesses eyeing the Panamanian market should prioritize registering their brands and patents. This essential step ensures that they safeguard their rights and stake a solid claim as the intellectual property owners.


Before registering a trademark in Panama, it's pivotal to verify its uniqueness and ensure no prior intellectual property rights are breached. It is essential to highlight that the line that divides inspiration and plagiarism is very thin; however, that small difference can be and will be noticed by other rights holders.

CLD Legal: Your Intellectual Property Protection Partner across the Americas

​​At CLD Legal, our forte lies in safeguarding your intellectual assets. We're proficient in both criminal and commercial legal actions, and our seasoned professionals guarantee meticulous execution.  Our expansive partner network empowers us to register your trademark or patent across the Americas — from Canada to Argentina, all adeptly coordinated from our Panama City headquarters.

Secure Sanitary Registrations with CLD Legal’s Expert 

We provide seamless assistance to our clients, ensuring their medical and food products comply with the rigorous standards set by the Health Ministry and related Panamanian Authorities.

Our dedicated team at CLD Legal has a deep understanding of the local regulations and processes, which positions us uniquely to guide you through the complexities of obtaining Sanitary Registrations. We are committed to ensuring that your products meet all the necessary health and safety requirements, paving the way for a smooth market entry in Panama.


Trademark Registration & Renewal

Patent Registration and Renewal

Copyright Registration and Protection

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management


Health & Sanitary Registrations

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